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Evo Labeller – Instructional Blog

In this blog we will be focusing on the Evo labeler. We will go through the basics of the labeler and include a tutorial video on loading the labeler with labels and Ink.


The Evo has 14 over 8 characters along 2 line with the top 14 being pre-set and being in a pricing format. The labels for the Evo are 22x16mm, and are available in either straight or wavy edged styles. You can find the stock range of Evo labels here, or alternatively custom printed labels here.

Evo Ink Roller

The Evo ink roll. The ink roll will get through around 25-30 rolls of labels before being required to be changed. You can purchase the Evi Ink Roll here.

Evo Instructional Video

You can find the tutorial video for the Evo above, it covers unloading a roll of labels @ 0:39, loading a new roll of labels 1:10, changing a ink roll 2:24, Adjusting the print head 3:23 and changing print head characters 4:37.

If you have any questions regarding your labeler, or need additional assistance please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 783 718 for one of our helpful staff to assist.