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There is a Better Way to Print Address Labels

Printing clear address labels is a fundamental part of any business that sells or delivers products. Labelling products with your company address is a fantastic way to build your brand and reputation. For dispatch departments that must send goods interstate or internationally, specific labels for shipping companies may be required. 

When dispatching products, many companies require the booking of multiple shipping and courier services which can require generic shipping labels that are compatible with all carriers. The most economic option that can cover the vast majority of shipping requirements are blank labels that can be changed and customized.

A solution is provided by desktop thermal printers, particularly the Dymo® Labelwriter and the QL Series by Brother®. Quick to print, easy to use and with various different sizes available for every model, these printers are the most economical way of printing your address and shipping labels. Whether you need to print full consignments on large shipping labels or simply display your shipping and return addresses clearly, desktop printers can provide an all in one solution.

Pricemark offers a wide range of compatible labels for Dymo® Labelwriters and Brother® QL printers at an affordable price that can drastically reduce your overheads when using these printers.

For larger scale operations where hand applied labels simply aren’t practical, our custom printed labels can be tailored to suit your needs and be compatible with our Towa APN hand-held applicator range. Custom label printing offers the advantages of glossy water resistant surfaces, stronger adhesives, thermal transfer ink for a bolder print that wont fade, and the ability to fit your logo as required. 

Depending on your requirements, we are fully equipped to solve your labeling needs. Whether it be large scale EAN barcode and shipper labels or personalized address labels.

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