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Towa Hand Label Applicators – Which one suits my labels?

If applying labels is part of your daily workflow, and you have been doing this by hand, it won’t take long until you ask yourself, ‘There must be a better way!’. Thankfully, there is, and the solution is a Towa hand label applicator. These simple but ingenious tools allow you to load up a roll of labels and apply them seamlessly, using a mechanical sensor to perfectly dispense one label at a time with no need for heavy batteries.

As with all new tools, the range can seem daunting at first, you don’t want to get the wrong one and cause a totally different headache for yourself. We are here to help.

The purpose of this blog post is to highlight the different types of Towa Applicators available at Pricemark, and to ultimately guide you through the purchasing process to ensure you choose the right applicator for your labels. At Pricemark we stock the entire range of Towa Applicators to ensure whatever label you are applying, we’ll have the right applicator to suit. 

Below you will find a guide that will help you during the selection process to ensure that you are choosing the right applicator;

Choosing the right Towa Label Applicator

Which Labels Will Not Work in a Towa Applicator?

Towa Applicators cannot apply every single type of label. For instance the following labels will not be compatible with any of the applicators;

– Labels without a 2-3mm Gap

– Labels with a width less then 20mm

– Labels with a width larger then 100mm

-Labels which have a total outside diameter of more than 100mm (However you can extend the total diameter of any Towa label applicator to 130mm by using the Towa AP-A35 Attachment.)

Towa Label Applicator with an AP-A35 Attachment

Towa APN Series Applicators

There are three Towa APN series applicators which are all suited for labels that are rectangle in shape. The only difference between the label applicators is the range of label widths it is able to apply.

– 20-30mm labels: APN-30

– 25-60mm labels: APN-60

– 50-100mm labels: APN-100

Towa APN-60 – Suitable for Rectangle Labels

Towa APF Series Applicators

There are three Towa APF series applicators which are all suited for labels that are round/oval or oddly shaped. The only difference between the label applicators is the range of label widths it is able to apply. For these tools, you use a hand screw at the front to tell the sensor where the upper most point of the label is on the roll.

– 20-30mm labels: APF-30

– 20-60mm labels: APF-60

– 20-100mm labels: APF-100

Towa APF-100 – Suitable for Irregular Shaped Labels

Information Sheet

Below you can find a really helpful information sheet on all of the available models, including the APN10-30 which is a specialist model for applying very small labels such as fresh fruit labels.

To download a high resolution version of this information sheet, click the download link underneath the image.


Towa Label Applicators are simply the highest quality hand label applicators in the world. If you want to save time and money by using a hand label applicator, look no further than the Towa range at Pricemark.

If you are interested and would like more information on any of our products please do not hesitate to get in touch via email at, or alternatively by calling us on 1300 783 718.