Blitz 1910 Datecoder - PG044

Blitz 1910 Datecoder - PG044

The Blitz 1910 is a single line labeller that prints a date in the format '99DEC99'. It takes the same labels and ink roller as the Monarch Paxar 1110 labeller, which is pictured below. We stock 'Best Before' and 'Use By' labels for this gun.

If you are looking for a quality alternative to the Monarch 1105, 1107 or 1110 guns at a better price, this is the labeller for you.

Labels are 19x10mm in size.

Buy Labels here Monarch Paxar 1110 and Blitz 1910 Labels

Buy Ink Rollers here Ink Rollers for Blitz 1910 & Monarch 1110 Labellers


$77.00 inc. GST

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