Cable Ties - Nylon

We supply a wide range of quality Cable Ties and we can Custom Print them if required. Buy On-Line here for great prices. If you need Stainless Steel Cable Ties, please see Stainless Ties

If you need Metal Detectable Cable Ties, please see Metal Detectable Cable Ties

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    Bar-Lok Cable Ties

    Avery Dennison Bar-Lok Cable Ties available in 12 different colours. We also have a generic brand available at lower pricing.

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    Coloured Cable Ties

    Cable Ties available in 10 different colours

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    Cable Ties - Micro 2.5mm Wide

    Micro Cable Ties 2.5mm Wide

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    Specialized Cable Ties

    Releaseable and Mountable Head Cable Ties

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    Cable Ties - Medium 3.6mm Wide

    Medium Cable Ties 3.6mm Wide

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    Cable Ties - Heavy Duty 4.8mm, 7.2mm & 8.8mm Wide

    Heavy Duty Cable Ties 4.8mm, 7.2mm & 8.8mm Wide

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    Cable Ties - Custom Printed

    Custom Printed Cable Ties


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