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BenchMate+ Bottle Label Applicator

Item Number: BenchMate+ Category: BenchMate Bottle Label Applicator

The original & best hand bottle label applicator (patented in 1992) produces perfectly positioned labels every time, at a rate of 8 - 12 bottles per minute. Precise, dependable and easy to use, you'll fall in love with your BenchMATE! Designed to run reliably at the heart of your business for years on end, the BenchMate is virtually unbreakable.

The BenchMATE+ features a small container adaptor and the top roller assembly to add pressure to light containers. This simple addition enables the BenchMATE+ to effortlessly apply both front and back label professionally to all round products as small as 15mm in diameter.

The manual handle for applicating is on the left side.

-Suitable for containers of 15-180mm
-10-175mm long labels
-25mm wide labels
-Maximum roll diameter is 300mm.
-Container needs to have a diameter of minimum of 15mm

$1750.00 incl. GST