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Large Label Rewinder AD223-1-S2

Item Number: DPR Large Rewinder Category: Label Rewinders And Dispensers Brand: DPR

Can handle labels up to 244mm wide and up to 300mm roll diameter with a 40-118mm core size.

Rewinders are equipped with an external auto-switching 100/240VAC - 2.5A at 24V power supply and an electronic circuit controls
the functions. The Rewinders with clutch are available upon request.

The printer must be put onto the rewinder’s printer plate, in this way the correct rewinding operations are guaranteed and also the
rewinder is fastened to the printer.

The rewinder has two types of speed adjustments, through the two buttons it is possible to set the maximum speed required while the
tension arm will auto adjust the speed from zero to the set value.
The control panel allows to set the label rewinding face-in or face-out option.
When the unit is operating but the media is not loaded or it runs out, the tension arm reaches the lowest position and after few seconds the rewinder’s rotation will be stopped while both leds blink and it beeps.

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