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Towa AP-A35 Attachment

Item Number: LAT010 Category: Hand Label Applicators Brand: Towa

Towa AP-A35 attaches to an existing Towa label applicator to increase the maximum roll diameter usable from 100mm to 130mm.

- Label applicator not included

- Designed for use with 76mm cores

- Suitable for all APN and APF Towa label applicators.

- Stroke Length 10 - 60mm

- Maximum outside diameter of roll is 130mm

- Easy to attach with one screw

To Purchase Custom Labels for this applicator click here

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Max Roll Diameter
  • 130mm
  • Plastic
  • Cream
  • Japan
  • 12 Months
Weight (kg)
  • 0.1
Height (cm)
  • 6.5
Length (cm)
  • 16
Width (cm)
  • 14.5
$80.00 incl. GST

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