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RFID Key Tag

Item Number: 6002 Category: RFID And Membership Products - Custom

Pricemark supplies a wide range of RFID key tags with many different customisation options to suit the image you want your brand to represent. Whether you are sourcing fobs for your gym, club house, leisure centre or school we are sure to be able to find the perfect solution for you.

Different Key fob styles that are available include;

- Standard PVC
- Different Shape
- Premium Epoxy

Customisation options include;

- Logo printing
- Laser Printing
- Serial Numbering
- QR Code & Barcode
- Chip encoding
- Hole Punching
- Keychain/String

All of our key tags can be implanted with chips using the following frequencies, which include;

- Low frequency 125KHz chips
- High Frequency 13.56MHz chips
- Ultrahigh Frequency 860-960MHz chips

If you are interested in our RFID key tags please get in contact for a free quote and artwork confirmation.